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As officers returned to Prince’s estate on Tuesday to conduct a further search, legal documents filed by police and made public by a judge, showed that the doctor had treated Prince twice in recent weeks and had seen him the day the day before he collapsed and died.The doctor, Michael Schulenberg, is not accused of any wrongdoing.Mr Schulenberg said he had arrived at Prince’s compound to turn over the test results.The warrant, details of which were released to various media organisations, also sought medical records from the North Memorial Medical Centre, which is part of the health system where Mr Schulenberg used to work.Matthews released an autobiography, “Blame It on Vanity,” in 2010. Detectives investigating the death of Prince have questioned doctor who showed up at his home the morning he died only to be informed that he was dead.In the days after the shockwaves triggered by the musician’s death reverberated around the world, officials said that determining a cause of death could take weeks.

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The affidavit was filed by an investigator for the sheriff’s office in Carver County, where Prince lived.Last year the singer put up a Go Fund Me page, stating that she was diagnosed with an inflammation of the small intestines called sclerosis encapsulating peritonitis.Born in Canada, Matthews initially focused on modeling.Prince’s mum, Mattie Della Shaw, who died in 2002, was a jazz singer, while his dad, John L.Nelson, who died in 2001 was a noted jazz musician who had written songs with his son.

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