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Nate Berkus is dating again, and the new man in his life is equally as stylish as him.

Berkus is dating Jeremiah Brent, the former assistant to designer and stylist Rachel Zoe and a regular on "The Rachel Zoe Project," Us Weekly confirmed.

Brent and his burgeoning design business, meanwhile, were in Los Angeles.

It's as if they just smeared something all over their faces before the picture was taken. DLers appear to go for that cornfed Middle America look.

And that Atwood character looks rather "special" in the face. I always pictured my dream guy to look like them unshaved, with dirty long hair, Yuck!

After getting engaged on a Peruvian mountaintop, the pair married last year in front of 220 guests at the New York Public Library.

Then, this past March, they celebrated the birth of their daughter, Poppy.

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