Who is ke ha dating

I'm aware nobody says that, but I'm invoking it in this case.

So now that you have that story stashed away in your mental rumor file, listen to this next report. News, last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Ke$ha admitted that she and Harry have been texting back and forth: That's right.

Apparently, someone random made some mention of Ke$ha being a fan of male groupies, and Courtney immediately had something to say.

The iconic Miss Love tweeted, “ive just tried the male groupie thing it blew for me, hey maybe keesh is more butch than me!

Plenty Of Fish was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind, who is also the current CEO.

Although she’s eight years his senior — she’s 27; he’s 19 (but we know how he likes his older women) — Ke$ha couldn’t help but gush over her current relationship situation with the “pretty cute” One Direction guy in her recent interview with UK magazine, , she admits, “[Harry and I have] texted here and there. Maybe he can be my cougar bait.” Okay, so we know how she feels about his looks and his, uh…

texting skills, but is there a possibility of dating in their future?

I demand that these rumors be cleared up so I can sleep at night.

But you probably have things to do today, and you don't want this mystery hanging over your head, so I suppose I should explain where these rumors originated, eh?

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