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Doing this saved me from editing the pg_hba configuration file Ok, Do another method sudo su - postgres psql You will enter the terminal and then change the password there, This is an alternate way for this. obj= "domain\username" obj= "Local System" we have to have space inbetween obj= and username. we have to have blank space in between password= and actual password. to set back the service again to Local System, which do have passsword, we have give some dummy password to make it work.

For more information about character usage rules, see the administration help center. The user's password value is required when creating a user account.

Change a Password for My SQL on Linux via Command Line II.

Create a My SQL Database on Linux via Command Line III.

However, the costs associated with migrating to an alternate authentication system such as two-factor token authentication or smartcard-based systems are too high for most enterprises.

So sites are generally left with the "lowest common denominator" option provided by their vendors.

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