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For in-depth tutorials on subjects like HDR, Masking and Viewpoint Correction see Tutorials » Extensive documentation for every function is available by pressing F1 in PTGui (on Mac: fn F1). Jul 29, 2014 - After several months of beta testing PTGui 10 is now officially released...My goal at first was to showcase the product in a unique and luxurious ambience often used in numerous commercials fragrances.My second attempt was to present the product in a form much more airy and refreshing, highlighting a wide range of colors of the product.Achieving the 2 packshots was done over a period of a week under the Vray engine.The lights of the location requires some precision to get the reflections and reactions desired materials.

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    “I could NEVER date a smoker.” I’ve said this so many times since I’ve started dating. The smoke smell that lingers around you is just as bad as you smoking. It’s really hard for non smokers to date smokers, please do all you can to keep it away from them. This still may not work out, but I’m going to give it a shot.

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