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If ye find yer way up by Eta, stop in and say hi, we'd be glad to have ye! Currently I hang around Emperor Island and can sometimes even be seen there. ---------------------------------------- Bifnot, second king of The Jolly Company First Governor of the Midnight Ocean Re: Introductions! ---------------------------------------- Jack Sparrow Introductions! If ye ever need help, or just want to have a fun time, come hang out with me and my crew! I like to swordfight, navigate, talk, swordfight, blocakde, talk, wash, rinse and repeat. Ahoy, I'm Dmentia, and I can assure you that Dorel is indeed a nutcase. I'm usually hanging out on Alpha docks drinkin' me rum, so it may be hard te understand me if I've been there for long *winks*Fair seas to ye, and have fun! ---------------------------------------- C BE FER COOKIEAND THAT BE GOOD ENOUGH FER ME! =)I'm more than happy to help any Greenie who asks me politely, to the best of my ability. I love to see these forums thrive, and I love t' see new posters and new ideas. In game, I'm just atte Smythe, and just another pirate. I'm Dorel, captain of the Yellow Jackets, and certified nutcase. ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! Feel free to leave me a PM here, or send me a /tell online if ye happen te see me. I always welcome excuses to stand around and run my mouth."..list is endless..this is a true whine, but somehow the game needs to monitor the age of the players.I would happily provide identity to enable me to play in an ocean free of kids far too young to play in this enviroment.[Pictures from the wake at The Royal Oak in Pett by Anna Chen]To begin, two fine obituaries from colleagues Charles Shaar Murray and Chris Salewicz, in '.In his time on the New Musical Express, Tony Tyler was one of those rare, inspirational editors who can see every element of a story in a one-sentence description, and commission it on the spot: lengthy lunches discussing the piece held no interest for such a meteoric, extraordinarily intelligent and encouraging mind. Tyler, which intermittently funded him for the rest of his life.11 years old, and giving his phone number out on the internet - greatly concerned me as a parent and a responsible adult.

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He was the author of the best-selling book 'The Tolkien Companion' (revised and updated twice as 'The New Tolkien Companion' (1979) and 'The Complete Tolkien Companion' (2002). It has been said that the leading character in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is not one of the many elvish, mortal, dwarven or hobbit personalities, but its landscape; its mountains, rivers and particularly its trees. I can direct and explain any future or ongoign events. All it takes is a nice does of reality, and you'll be free! ---------------------------------------- Ninja-Admin of Tyrs Own. Ye will find me chasing the wenches and clashing blades on the docks. Mind you, I don't like to play less than seven games in a row, so be ready for a long lesson ^_^. I'm shockedfrog (Shockedfrog in-game, but I prefer the small s) and if you're interested in learning swordfighting, or already have previous experience through games such as Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Toki Toki Boom or even Super Bub, I can introduce you to some members of the 'swordfighting community'. You can find me on the docks usually fighting and laughing it up with me mates. And now, a tip: Get out and meet the pirates of Midnight Ocean! I am available to answer your questions, just send me a "/tell longjohngrey How do I ...". ---------------------------------------- Re: Market on Scurvy Reef: Re: Introductions! Ahoy mates, names Whiplash and I am the Captain of the Mad Mutineers. Ye can find me occasionally popping in and out of the forums, but I am on quite often in-game under the same alais. More often than not, I'll be hanging around Alpha Dock, and/or these forums. atte Smythe,who (almost) always leaves a tagline ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! ahoy im Redbonnet, I hang around just about anywhere im needed. ---------------------------------------- Redbonnet Captain of the Ypp Training Academy Re: Introductions! I be the captain of the beautiful vessel the Black Pearl. I also be the captain of this little island on the net of good secrets about the game can be found there. ---------------------------------------- Re: Introductions! If you ever want tips on Swordfighting just hunt me down and i'll play with you a bit. I be a crewless mate who wanders the seas with no aim or point whatsoever. I'm normally found haunting the docks and like answering questions or catching up on some drinkin' and fightin'. ---------------------------------------- Lallaria[size=10]Retired Re: Introductions! Ahoy, My name is Long John Grey, and I'm a pirate with both lots of silly ideas, and a desire to make the silly things work. And you can tell where I'm at with "/who longjohngrey", and it will either tell you which island I'm on, which ship I'm on, or that I'm not on. --Fizban tells you, "you are a copyright suit waiting to" Re: Introductions! I'm not one of the best in the ocean, but if you're not asking me about the nav puzzle I'm competent to explain the basics at least. ---------------------------------------- "u devil in m y heart space" -- Minsiem Also not Erfan Re: Introductions!We are sorry to report the passing away of our dear friend and colleague Tony Tyler.What follows is a small tribute to him, a series of posts reflecting different parts of his life and times, his talents, his range, his intelligence, his humour - all of which we will miss greatly.

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