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I am a great skeptic in punishment in general as the most common methods seem to become irrelevant when the child grows up (confiscation of games, threats, verbal or corporal reprimands...).Since all these methods will no longer be present when the child becomes an adult and leaves the home, it seems to be that they will not be long term solutions.Men and women are welcome to explore/expose their sexuality (verbally, that is) to the audibly aroused audience.It will definitely leave you feeling a little naughty before bed.Thus, my question is: Is this method sufficient and effective?(I am particularly interested in views from parents whose children have now moved out, or young adults who have moved out from home.) Related question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of time-outs?- Chat place resources free chat rooms worldwide, free singles chat rooms, chat links, teen chat rooms, games, forum, message board a free online communication including webcam chat, voice chat and meet online friends can not take responsibility for any content seen by minors.

This way when they are out of the house and tempted to do such negative behaviour they will remember the reasons why that behaviour is not necessarily a good idea based on factual anecdotal evidence.

My 16 year old is still at home and I used timeouts with her and in my classrooms for years.

I don't think most caregivers understand that timeout is not meant to be punitive.

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