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There's a visceral surprise in everything she does as Elizabeth.

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You never know, it needs a bit of the wind in the right direction and a bit of luck and everything.While Keira was in her Pirates of the Caribbean heyday at the time, Jamie was just starting to be noticed by the media and admitted that he found Keira‘s high profile life difficult to deal with.‘I don’t think I’m ever going to be as famous as her,’ the Fifty Shades of Grey actor said.With Matthew, the first time we read it, we really clicked. It's just what naturally happened when we were playing the scene in the room.: Only because I like Jane Austen and I love a good costume drama. They're a way into complete fantasies and so romantic, so I love that kind of stuff.I do like classical things.: It is important to change.

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    Music also played a massive role in and Sheryl Crow. If you miss just as much as we do, then keep reading.