Error validating server certificate for unknown certificate issuer

This issue can also occur if the site has a self-signed certificate.While this warning is fairly generic for Internet Explorer, Firefox 3 will distinguish between a certificate issued by the server itself (a self-signed certificate) and another type of untrusted certificate.Error validating server certificate for https://XYZ:443: - Unknown certificate issuer Fingerprint: 81:bb:5d:da:c5:7d:fa:f3:f4:9f::c:e3:b:d:bc Distinguished name: Digi Cert Inc, US It seems your cache Security certification for SVN server has been expired to removed.This additional hexadecimal code are the address of the memory locations where the instruction(s) was loaded at the time of the error.You can retrieve this certificate at RSAAdd Trust Proper installation (most accepted) of your certificate is: And that is an incomplete chain for most platforms.If this is your problem, the best solution is locate the 'USERTrust RSACertification Authority' on Root store and edit its Properties to 'Disable all purposes for this certificate'.It appears that there is something wrong with the certification path. Steps attempted: Additional Certificates (if supplied) Certificates provided 2 (2851 bytes) Chain issues Incomplete #2 Subject Gandi Standard SSL CA 2 Fingerprint: 247106a405b288a46e70a0262717162d0903e734 Valid until Wed Sep 11 PDT 2024 (expires in 9 years and 8 months) Key RSA 2048 bits (e 65537) Issuer USERTrust RSA Certification Authority Signature algorithm SHA384with RSA Certification Paths 1 Sent by server Fingerprint: 01234567890123456789012345678901234567 bits (e 65537) / SHA256with RSA 2 Sent by server Gandi Standard SSL CA 2 Fingerprint: 247106a405b288a46e70a0262717162d0903e7 bits (e 65537) / SHA384with RSA 3 Extra download USERTrust RSA Certification Authority Fingerprint: eab040689a0d805b5d6fd654fc168cff00b78be bits (e 65537) / SHA384with RSA 4 In trust store Add Trust External CA Root Self-signed Fingerprint: 02faf3e291435468607857694df5e45b688518 bits (e 65537) / SHA1with RSA Weak or insecure signature, but no impact on root certificate Certificate chain 1054 days remaining 2048 bit sha256With RSAEncryption - Gandi Standard SSL CA 2 - 3537 days remaining 2048 bit sha384With RSAEncryption - Root certificate unknown -- USERTrust RSA Certification Authority 'USERTrust RSA Certification Authority' is not recognized as a root CA on all platforms.

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After permanently accepting the certificate you should be able to clone the SVN repository as shown in the below example.If you receive an error similar to the above you simply need to permanently accept the certificate as shown below.Make sure that you are familiar with the repository itself and you trust the people managing it before you start accepting certificates from unknown people.Everything seemed to be installed correctly except that there is an error being thrown in Firefox only.On Chrome and IE, there are no errors being thrown.

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