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With the advent of Big Data – the increasingly widespread practice of using advanced data analytics to identify trends and patterns in extremely large datasets collected from a variety of sources – the potential applications for scraped data, and the benefits associated with analysis of that data, have increased exponentially.Whereas past cases involving unauthorized web crawling and scraping often involved simple copying and republication of website content in direct competition with the scraped website, the growing use of advanced data analytics is giving rise to instances where the connection between the data analytics service and the scraped website is attenuated and not directly competitive.

For this very reason, True, originally TRUEBeginnings, has launched a state-by-state campaign in support of legislation requiring online dating services to conduct criminal background checks or to prominently disclose to its members if an online dating service chooses not to provide this safety-enhancing service.

For instance, the hashtag #e Discovery was the number one hashtag used on social media throughout the conference.

(#Digital Forensics was second most popular, and #Data Breach was fourth.) Why the importance of #e Discovery?

One of the enhancements the company plans to highlight at NADA is the latest version of its proprietary analytics tool, Sales Analyzer 2.0.

Dealers will have the opportunity to sign up and demo the updated complimentary tool that will feature an interactive zip code map and will introduce new intelligent market segmentation by Competition Zone to help dealers maximize volume and profitability.

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