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thirsty thursdays are back my frail old came %uh today Kalou Kaleigh lug lug lug it’s time to plug plug love I like that yeah let’s start the episode by how lol we should mention I who brought us back our tenth yeah our tunes dot com that’s oh you are teun easy dot com hurricanes and thanks to our tunes are bringing US bringing us back on a Thursday what is our two what is a Thursday what is due to the weak actual over now playing Thursday Thursday alright let me tell you no doubt Thursday areas like Wednesday oh my god you’re gonna love Thursday ok let’s do well on Thursday in Satara coupon code Jake and Amir if I were you have the best Thursday ever have brought to you by a day I our two ads all we know we’ve made it it’s a cool easy and affordable way to discover new tunes there’s a free sign up a free i OS download you can use it on your i Phone or on your computer got a greater song variety than Pandora and you can use our promo codes which is my name Amir or my name Josh burner Jake site but Jake Jake to get six months a premium membership that unlimited listening hours skips and no audio ads are just basically a cool way to discover new awesome fresh music and it’s not just for people who like music it’s also for people who make music holy shit for people who are music no data no its you shoulda stopped okay you had a great thing I liked over Rita and now I can rein you back in okay it’s for not for people who argues it’s for people who make music fair enough you upload music they are they give you royalties that pay indie artists more than any other music streaming site up to a penny per play one of the best rates around very well it it together a put a lot into the hell yeah it’s a great way to gain exposure next to mainstream artists and comedians you can use this till now lastly it you are music nananana now holy shit I’d love to meet you i Pad so you’re just music then I’d love to get to know you know other person us lol yes thanks so much to our tunes for bringing us back on a short week check them out its tunes with is the because you know they’re cool so please do help them out help us out and yeah please enjoy this episode are our boys streeters on the show again is back baby and don’t you worry things actually got re all enjoyed C me yeah and every now and then had a minute to Maschinen needs and create bad is me me now then again movement and brilliant an go insane T yeah again in a sticky situation team do have been now stock G my sister good now the Chi have it now its and 9v its I he in a bulimic master and leader sleep said mission pass an actor but now I’m only snag him this year naquin do attorney man serving half scheme solo I so log I like that this guy’s in as a really good singer but he just fucking wet for like 10 the heart is on visiting it’s like the beginners skeered just like I think I’ll try this double black diamond see what happens I get the word I M Myers bravery and I admire that he forced his little sister in the david koresh so that the imagine that get over your regional yeah I just got the Jeep in a beer make the fart noise at the end it will be good a streeters here hey that’s our soul of I just maybe sit here for two minutes that’s actually just the first half but let’s wait a second I i now the second verse period take a little intermission I some yeah I thought at the very least he went for a while with his name know it so if you guys talk about it again actually i dont there’s no girl its it’s a it what is set for two people came together to make their I god is that it’s really Colin in Cory maybe Korea woman that the there there is that little girl’s voice in the chorus he could pitch shifted it yeah it was all auto tuned I go out I get this thing that agonizing and I’m at the gym the auto to it soon I bro heard high-seas she me I he also like beforehand to read I you make money that has I’ll hate you forever as a veggie for our snail trail your house and your follow us to to a live show and heard us yeah that’s threatening lol that was Colin or Corey yet making those threats it was Corey it’s more of a Korean girl’s name to it than it could be could be you know now day people are so liberal and crazy with their names it’s like anybody can be anything air buddy sorry take it easy and looked right at me earlier a lil and crazy yeah the way that the other the same thing he had their little same NCAA the liberal there’s a I swear to God I saw a woman named Jordan the other day Jordan this cut look your underwear allusion to China ok that’s not it that’s not the reason I love the weather with you met david joined with China I certainly I say you this is a fire you’re the only advice by guest on the internet hosted by us I’m Jake and Al Amir Yap announced reader yeah last year your first three-time guest really your time I think it yet either third or fourth how you been on slow long you don’t even remember how many times yeah and I haven’t even listened to it after that’s ballsy good I it with every each one a beer at this is really heavily I’ll really hang through that medically don’t even touch on but when you’re on me record for two and a half hours and cut it down to the best 41 minute I say as a lot of stuff you can shift it make you Allison Williams yeah I 20 the Allison Williams observers streeter on auto tune I am so how does it work we get emails from people in difficult places the email us at a fiery show a gmail dot com with their problems and we do our best to advise them at a bit such as just as two and sometimes we have our best friends trader on myron best friend I am I guess you’re in the you’re in the circle oh well mean like do you think I’m top 5 annual friends top 5 time that I think it’s a big ask in you know what don’t feel it under pressure to say yes well because you’re not in my top five I because I did email you my list that you were not on and yeah I got your list Michael Ellis the a-list technically was your bachelor party that me Jake weren’t invited to wear okay well real had it was the I could be on the back you know maybe I would advise you if you ever invited me over to your apartment I or II kno never what you one apart now was one time I went only lifted David how can these will it be voted 2005 to be clear that wasn’t quite an apartment I was like yeah it’s true here it was a rat you can grab your bachelor party now will be invited definitely add you know who won in Jeff Rubin reload yeah your bump into the act of bombed-out heat out Ruben hello Jake and Amir yes that’s right I’ve been to fill his shoes I he does wear out oddly enough there’s a call Jeff room in fact he wears a size 15 and a half last I get there seven sizes too big but he still wears them I have you seen him dunk yeah expanders in wins those like yeah has he done I competency and all the time daddy and my head hurts like semi-professional competition he goes to New York to West 4th Street he just falls they had let his balls is a 47 inch vertical its crazy they called the helicopter jumped over a Honda Civic as part of a nonetheless dont think a rather Blake Griffin a nerds guys can I just say what my biggest regrets is that I didn’t invite you to my bachelor party really yeah just because I had a know I’ve always thought that that was that there was a bad man we were guys in the Hat we are just felt like perils here let you know bachelor parties are you can only write so many people might rain yet a vital areas and more yeah my fear is more more than six people are possible to move more than six yet so it’s like if you have a group of more than six people just getting places in agreeing on shit to do here become super annoying especially when you’re on mushrooms yeah I when you’re on a lot of mushrooms Friday and you and you’re going skydiving that’s like a difficult thing to do with a large group skydiving and mushrooms no but the dude my my instructor guy almost does me on acid what when we were walking to the plane he was like you wanna cert in a search like the men’s year and as I can assure every I took when I was about to prove my mother is the glue wait a minute known as acid on it I it’s not as the rocks that as a donde and does so that would have been interesting and then he ate it mentioned guys you have Yahoo he just referred to himself as Batman and he wouldn’t I was able what’s your name is like Batman I on now I anyway attach yourself to my body and that’s not bad for an airplane deliveries in my head but I’m Batman I G does bear shooting work you know I will figure it out I got a cape just in case soup say the acid search I I would be considered an update that he still had cert see if the problem is all the last night having people are just so cool you can’t back down ever you know you know I look like a loser in vietnam I from Batman non-professional sky diver exactly you know all the bad ones have been killed already said Russia that’s why I feel safe because the good ones have survived long hair that is that parodies it sorta darwinian thing as a bad parachute on the bed skylab all the bad human I on I it let’s assure get started what’s we need a we need some fake names we’re going to give the Israel emails from real people fake names to preserve their anonymity should we do trophy wife characters home later oh yeah last year after trophy wife every Tuesday netted well does next Tuesday I’d rather that it’s a perfect well you can’t wait to Jer episode come out my was last night holy shit yes yeah new ratings low rarity I people actually tuned out when they say your name in a candidate massive drop off I do bigger with the lowest rated one %uh really pics a.m. Description: Our buddy Streeter joins us to discuss bisexual boyfriends and globetrotting girlfriends.

CB and CB's sister have a funeral for their dog, who recently contracted rabies and was put down after killing "a little yellow bird" (implied to be Woodstock) and nearly biting CB.

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