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Also last week, Devyn bid farewell to her wig, Tamara, which couldn't survive the horrors of saran wrap, sand, tomatoes, and other random things the piglets had to roll over.

Check out some of the show's infamous couples: KELLYANNE and COHUTTA Caught Kissing: Even though Kelly Anne came onto "Real World: Sydney" with a boyfriend and started to immediately flirt with her roommate Dunbar, the smokin' hot Texan later got together with this lone ranger (of course, not without the disapproval from her roomies, namely Dunbar).

The name of the woman in the red shirt is unknown, although shes apparently a cast member.

Other cast members, who are not pictured, are identified as Tricia (who has blond hair), Dunbar (has brown hair), and Talhada (who is from Georgia); its unclear if they are all from the US, or if like previous international seasons, some come from other countries.

I don't know where Sharon from London is now, but I hope the answer is "far, far away from here." Meanwhile, the "married" Nany and Cohutta have a cogent SAT-word-filled bar conversation about their relationship, which Nany is trying to cool down and Cohutta is trying to heat up.

Her main argument is that if one of them leaves the show that will end their relationship, because these people are suspended in animation when isn't on and are reawakened in time to get on the plane and fameball it out.

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